Unable to route traffic using OpenConnect

Hello, I have installed luci-proto-openconnect and all the dependencies on my brand new GL-MT3000 (factory defaults). I set up all the AnyConnect information when creating the new network interface and created a firewall-zone during OpenConnect setup. The OpenConnect interface establishes a connection to the Cisco AnyConnect server and I can route traffic to the remote network via the GL-MT3000 cli in a putty SSH session. However I’m unable to pass traffic in Windows on any endpoint, I receive “destination host unreachable” on ping. Oddly enough the DNS on the remote is resolving, but that may be communicating at the router level. I’ve adjusted the firewall zone settings every way I could think of, but nothing works and the Windows clients refuse to pass traffic the the remote AnyConnect network.
On a side note, luci-proto-openconnect does not function at all on a tethered connection, but that is not my current problem. Might want to bug report that one.

You can post all the firewall settings you made to check