Unable to save encryption settings on Adguard home

Running AGH MT6000 router
I have 4 DoH in the Upstream DNS servers

I choose enable encryption and disable enable plain dns and save ( the save button doesnt seem to chnage after choosing save). But after logging in and out the tick is back on plain dns and untick in encryption option.

Expected is that Encryption would be saved and not lost after logging in and out. After logging out and back in the tick goes away from enable encryption and is back to enable plain DNS

I have tried resetting router and also done fresh install three times of AGH version (v0.107.44)

Any suggestions how could this be resolved?

In your upstream setting and click button test upstream. Should be green message. That’s mean you are using encryption dns server. That’s all.

About encryption setting is different things. It is for Unix Web server for adguard home with ssl and 443 port conflict between Adguard home UI and gl router UI. Because router already have port 443 in your security setting in router UI.

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