Unable to ship to Thailand: Beryl


Has anyone managed to get a Beryl travel router delivered to Thailand? I’ve been fighting with Thai customs for over a month with no joy. The latest communications with both GL Inet and FedEx is that I should abandon the shipment. I’m struggling to understand why this is a controlled item, customs says it’s because I need an import licence for these things and also that I should have purchased one available locally instead of from China. Does anyone know of a local (Thailand) supplier of a GL MT 1300 travel router!?!

I must say GL Inet has been very helpful in trying to get it through customs, but I think Thai customs probably not going to let it in.

I really hope it can work out. When met such problems, may be just give up the current package and try another time.

We import a ton of stuff here into the Kingdom for our own personal use, including a lot of electronics from Shenzhen & HK, and over the years have had to learn everything the hard way. Please excuse the long winded reply.

We have not tried to bring in a Beryl specifically, as of yet, but please bear with me here.This scenario happens all of the time here in Thai.

Just to get this out of the way. Make absolutely sure that FedEx knows that the item does NOT require, include, or use a battery ‘of any kind’.

OK. Please be advised that you should not use FedEx for Thailand. The customs scam they have running is very well known throughout the Kingdom. Also, most items that are cleared using the ‘FedEx agent’ have duties in excess of that of other shipping companies. (Putting it mildly.)

-‘FedEx Cross Border’ rules are made expressly for customers like you. So after dancing around a little with any little ‘problem’, they already know that you are going to just get out the plastic (or pay cash directly for fines & duty on delivery is SOP here of course).

DHL has been known to pull the same type game as well, items getting stuck in BKK until you pay, sometimes it’s a LOT more, in fines + duties.

‘Expedited’ shipping companies make up their own rules as they go along. Resulting in the item often costing a lot more. (Say this slowly and outloud to yourself: ‘OH YEAH, IT’S A PROFIT DEAL’.)

This is Thailand.

So. Make some calls, get names & numbers. Ask if you can ‘clear’ the item yourself and pay whatever penalty. Again, most times, to rectify an import block, all that is usually necessary is paying an obtusely expensive ‘penalty’ fine, along with the duty tax, (of course).

Next time, (or if you are going to cancel this one), have them ship by China Post or something similar. In many cases, there may not even be any duty at all, much less some sort of arbitrary and totally subjective (read:corruptible) block.

Sure. It may take a couple of weeks or so, but you may just get it in your mailbox, or simply receive a notice to go pick it up at your local post office.

So, next time, you may want to consider just using AliExpress. GL stuff usually takes 15-18 days to Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Bangkok, free shipping.


Thanks so much Bark. :kissing_heart:
I will tell them there are no batteries of any kind included or required. Feel like I’m on the canvas in the 9th round and my gloves are made of lead.
I’ve definitely got the feeling that there’s crap going on behind the scenes with the goal posts changing abruptly every time it looks like I’ve ticked off the latest roadblock. I even sent my passport up to the FedEx Office by courier at their request to register as an importer. Then once that had been sent back to me and that problem was solved it was because there was a business name mentioned on the invoice, which was revised and resent by both GL and myself. Then they required a Bill of Sight, and opened the box, which lead to the picture attached to this post… and now it’s apparently being held because they’re restricted goods and require an NBTC license. They’ve suggested I’m better off abandoning the parcel. Their one job is to deliver the f³cking parcel and they’re failing miserably.

If it’s a scam and they just want to a couple of nice new travel routers I hope they explode and melt their faces off the first time they plug them in.



Now the English is deteriorating faster than my patience.
As far as I can see they’re inisting that it’s not allowed without an NBTC License. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:
(See attached screenshot)

On top of this two of the email addresses I’ve been communicating with have bounced.
Now I’m wondering who to call to get FedEx investigated.
Ridiculously painful and inscrutable process. Do not recommend. :pleading_face: