Unable to tether

I am unable to tether with my phone. I connect. It ask on my phone to charge with USB. I select tether USB. But on sl inet it doesn't show it's even connected.

Any advice would be great.


please provide more information about all devices, firmware and so on.

Right now testing. Android phone USB cable to gl for Internet but not working. The laptop via wireless. Using sft1200. Using version 4.3.7

Two probems from your images:

  1. Why do you enable Wireguard server? Wireguard server generally do not work if you use tethering.

  2. On the Tethering, the physical Interface is disabled as "wlan0", which is wrong. It should be usb0 if you use Andriod. Did you change this?

The wireguard I am going to delete. The interface for wlan0 unsure. However Somehow I got it working...