Unbound on Slate

Is there anyone using Unbound Recursive app on their Slate / any GL router?

Anyone? Intend to use the recursive feature of the unbound.

I wonder if the router is powerful enough to run unbound.

Wondering too. Hence asking, as not too familiar with unbound packages on openwrt.
Using it together on pi-hole / ubuntu, but these setup are much simpler.

Old conversation, but it has not been answered so I thought that maybe it can be useful information.
I am actually using Unbound on all Glinet router I have (Mango, Creta, Opal and Beryl).
That’s because, as far as I know, it’s the only way at the moment to run DNS over TLS with NextDns without having any problems (using the default UI method with stubby soon or later DNS resolving will stop functioning with any settings).
It simply works and performs like a charm, I am using it from at least 1 year now, never had any problems in any model.
If someone is interested, I used the following page to set up Unbound (see HOW TO: Integrate with DHCP - Parallel dnsmasq section): Unbound Recursive DNS Server with UCI

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Works like a charm, thanks for the tip.
I have been using Unbound with AdGuard Home on my Spitz AX (X3000) for 2 weeks without any errors and I am very satisfied.

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