Unbrick Vellica B2200

Hi there. I need help unbricking my B2200.

I cannot access the luci. I think I need to ue the tftp option, but I have no idea.

It had the newest version of openwrt on it.

I can ping

and in chrome I get this:

Check your Gateway address when you update it may have changed to

That don’t work you will need to UBoot.

First download the latest stable version of Vellica B2200 firmware. Read the debrick document.

You might need to do this on both the router the mesh node.

If you can see the router at then you must be in uboot mode.

You need to go to Don’t include the /cgi-bin/luci/
At it should bring up the firmware update page where you can do a fresh firmware upload

So, I don’t put in the cgi-bin/luci part… It gets added automatically after just putting in the IP address. I cannot access u boot mode (I have done it before, I think something happened while flashing …)

I guess that you installed Vanilla OpenWrt and the router’s browser cache luci.

so you can clear browser cache or use another browser.

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Hi, so, I did mange to install openwrt, but now I would like to go back (slow wifi speeds, lol).

Anyway, I can log into uboot on the vellica, using the latest firmware from the downloads page, it appears to upload the firmware in uboot mode, and it seems to be doing something, and I get a page that says “you can close this page”

I change my adapter back to dhcp but I cannot log into the router at

Is there something special I need to do? I’m using this file here: https://fw.gl-inet.com/firmware/b2200/release/qsdk-b2200-3.215-0921-1663732496.img

so, basically I need to go from open wrt 20.x → gl-net 3.215

Update: now no lights come on. :frowning:

How did you get it openwrt working?

I guess no lights is progress.

Have you tried to SSH into the router?

What about a hard or Factory reset? Is it a mesh and or main node or sub node?

You could try reflashing the openwrt img as it did work.

So, right now, when I turn on the router no lights come on.
I cannot access uboot.
I will try ssh shortly.
This is the main node. I can’t log into LuCI or anything.

oh No. It seems broken. I am calling developer to have a check.

Hi kkiiddaa:

  • Now you plug in the power, does the LED show nothing?


The lights are not on, but I can see that they are almost on? It’s weird, just really faint.

Hi kkiiddaa:
Can you repeat your operation steps, as well as the specific brush firmware and name?

The last thing I did:

  1. start in uboot mode
  2. load qsdk-b1300-3.022.img
  3. lights did some blinking
  4. waiting about 20 mins
  5. unplug and replug back in.
  6. boot up - no lights.

The current situation :
You can’t load in uboot, and you can’t ssh too.

Can you explain how I might ssh into it?

When you load qsdk-b1300-3.022.img, Which address did you use?

It was in the uboot menu… so I assume /uboot.html, but I dont remember

And, keep in mind, I was coming from openwrt-22.03.2

I am more than sure it is bricked. Have to desolder the flash and reprogram it.