Uncheck keep settings" on update

I’m about to update the firmware on my GL-MT300N-V2 - apparently it’s recommended that I uncheck the “keep settings” options … just what does this mean though?

Do I lose my custom DHCP address range and PPPoE settings? pretty much all I care about!) or is there a smarter way to save/reload this stuff?

If the configuration is not retained, all your previous configurations will revert to the default, including DHCP addresses and PPPOE Settings

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But that is the recommendation … so firmware updates essentially become a reset settings and update? … not quite ideal (but I know what to expect and it’s hardly complicated for my current setup).

Is there an option to save settings and then reload them that is supported?

You can create a bash script that will set all your custom values to the right places.
All the router configuration is stored in the /etc/ folder, in /etc/config mostly.

You can upgrade without saving the settings, then run your bash script via SSH to set all the values and reboot. That is how i do :slight_smile:

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You can download a “backup” of your config through the GUI (at least under “Advanced” or “LuCI”) or from the command line. It is a tar file that can be expanded and viewed on most desktops.

Within the same major release from the same sources, you should be safe to keep your settings.

If you are, for example, upgrading from GL.iNet v2 to GL.iNet v3, across GL.iNet and OpenWrt, from OpenWrt v17 to v18 or v19, or from ar71xx to ath79, or downgrading in any way, then reconstructing your config is the approach I’d recommended.

Actually that might not be enough in some cases. GL has changed their config format a couple of times with things breaking within the same version :slight_smile:

Via a bash script you can place the config in the right places, letting the system configure all the other things that could have changed.

Things that can be set via a script:

  • App Installations And Config
  • Sudo And Regular User For Safety
  • Disable root Account For SSH
  • Network IP
  • Static IP Reservations
  • Firewall Rules
  • Wireguard Config
  • Wireless Config
  • Hostname And Other Names

And much more, those are just the ones i set.

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Is it related to this?
Do you have a script example on how to do this that you could share?

Here is my config script:


For reserved IP addresses which are the most tasking for me to recreate after a reset, see this thread:

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Thank you very much, you are very kind!