Understanding antenna options and connections for the gl xe300?

I’m working on setting up external 4g antennas on an xe300 with an ec25axd modem. For this varient, does the 4gd ufl connector on the board do anything? I was assuming it would set it up in a 2x2 mimo option, but when i connect my antennas the rsrq value drops significantly as compared to using the internal antennas.
I’m using this for antennas.

I’m using this ufl to sma adapter

I’m hooking 2 antennas to the router, one to 4gm and the other to 4gd.
Am i using the wrong antennas? and if so, what should i use instead?

Is there an update on using external antennas on xe300 to increase range? I want to use external WiFi antennas but when antennas connected to ufl sockets it makes no difference

I am not sure which antenna you use.

But we do have some recommendation of X3000 GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet

Not sure if they work for XE300.

I’ve never used external wifi antennas. not sure that there are connectors on the board for wifi or not.
On 4g antennas i’m using the following with the xe300.

This works well. If i need a higher gain directional antenna i’ll use waveform’s antennas. You need UFL to SMA adapters as well, amazon has those.

I tried attaching to wlan uFL ports. Unsure if they are for WLAN

I don’t know, if the built in wifi isn’t good enough i’ll usually turn it off and get wifi access points to fit my needs. From reading the forum the last several months i kind of think the wlan ports are not used. I don’t know of a way to use external wifi antennas. What i posted above was for the cell modem, not wifi.