Understanding Blocking Clients

I've read the page on Clients in the docs, but I still have questions.

I only have 2 devices connected to my GL-X3000 and so when I see more than 2, I should block them, right? But I don't know how any would gain access since my password is very secure. And, of course I don't want to block my own devices.

How do I know which of the IP+MAC numbers is one of my devices? Some of them say they are using Randomized addresses.

The only thing I know how to do is to block one and notice that the device will soon say "no internet connection" -- but there must be a better way.

By checking the IP + MAC of device and set the name in the GUI accordingly.

IMHO, this feature is pretty insecure by default. Since MAC addresses can just randomize on nearly all devices (and some do so by default) - so this "blocking" feature is useless, spoken of security. It is great if you, for example, have a vacuum cleaner which wants to talk to the Xiaomi cloud, but you don't want to let it go through. But that's all.

Also can create whitelist for your own devices, aka allow list.

But as admon mentioned, always a bit inconvenient. Recommend using the strong Wi-Fi key to protect your network.

And rotating the key every few months!

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Thank you for the responses. I now understand that the block feature is not something useful, and the most important thing is to have a good password

But I am still confused about how I identify my own devices. In the list. If they use randomize addresses, what point does it make trying to give one of them a name in the GUI? It's just going to change again later anyway, right?

The only devices that I use are an iPhone and a MacAir

Apple is, thanks god, a bit smart: They only randomize through different networks.
So the randomized MAC stays the same in your network (at least until you decide to reset it on your iPhone)

You can check the current MAC on your device.

@admon This is helpful, thanks. For anyone who wants to know where to find the MAC, I found it on my iPhone via Settings > wifi > blue info circle > wifi address

where the "blue info circle" is to the right of the currently connected wifi

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