Unexpected routing behavior (solved: mwan3 issue!)

I’ve configured my beryl ax as an openvpn client. I set the routing mode to “auto-detect” (which just uses the config). I’ve disabled masquerading on the vpn and enabled remote access to the lan. The vpn connection comes up and I can ping across it.

Next, I installed the relevant frr packages to support ospf. The (main) routing table has successfully learned various routes from the rest of the network across the vpn (and the rest of the network has learned the route to the local lan.)

Here’s the weird part: I can’t ping (or otherwise connect to) anything in the rest of the network. Additionally, if I traceroute to something on the rest of the network, traceroute indicates that the packet was sent to the default gateway.

I assumed this meant that there are some policy based routing rules that aren’t appropriate for my setup, but I haven’t figured out how they’re structured yet.

Weird wrinkle: if I add manually add a route (to the remote networks) to the (main) routing table, traffic starts flowing.

Anyone have any ideas? (Or can point me to an explanation of the iptables/pbr rules?)

Actually, it looks like I am having the same issue as another forum user.

I disabled mwan3 and it started working.

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