Unifi networks - repeating

I’ve been struggling with repeating multiple campsite WiFi networks with a Spitz AX the last few weeks. So I finally dug out my Slate AX to test, and at the same site it immediately works perfectly.
One consistent theme has been the campsites are using Unifi, which is why I hadn’t bothered until today as I thought this was a know Gl iNet issue … well only on some routers.

All - any suggestions for settings on the Spitz? Anything I can check on the settings between them? AFAIK they are both completely stock.

Gl iNet team - is this something you have as a known bug? Is there a timeline to resolve this on the Spitz AX?

At this point I love the concept of the Spitz but the reality isn’t working out how I’d hoped.


Just for some info, i have Unifi at home and i repeat my IOT network with my Spitz AX to my RV. It doesnt have a guest portal if that matters though. If needed, i can turn one on to test for an example.

Thanks, that great to know it’s possible.
There is no guest portal on the current one, or I think any of the others I’ve seen this particular issue with.

Just checked and it even works on my M300 (I have way too many routers in our RV :)).

I’ll try to look at the logs on the Spitz to see what the error is.

So Spitz AX does not connect and get an IP address?

Can you get the log?

Also I suggest that you can lock to 2.4G or 5G in repeater options in case the router has problems with one band.

Unifi generally works fine. Only one thing in my experience is the band steering settings which may cause trouble.

It generally connects and gets an IP address, but does not get the DNS server details from the Unifi.
I’ve tried locking to a particular band, but sadly that’s made no difference.
Since it’s a “public” WiFi I don’t know what the band steering setting are, and can’t change them. Whatever they are they’re not impacting on the Slate or M300.
I can get the logs, can you advise where to send / post them?
Thanks for the quick response.

You can send the logs to me via private message.

If suspecting it is dns issue? How about setting custom dns on the Spitz itself?