Uninstall Luci

I installed Luci on my MT1300 and my wireguard throughput dropped significantly. I assume it’s because the other interface is running even if I’m not logged in to it. Is there an easy way to uninstall Luci to confirm, or do I have to revert firmware? Thanks

You can uninstall luci through Applications/Plugins.

Let me know if the performance changes, would be strange if Luci caused a drop in performance.

I assumed I could, but is it more than one package?

Luci wasnt the issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled a few times coupled with speed tests, no change. Red herring, disregard!

Rebooted and pulling 60-80~ish over WG again, maybe she just doesnt like being up too long.

What was the firmware version?

Sorry the late reply. Version 3.211

OK. Pls wait one or two weeks to try 3.212. Fixed some bugs.