Unknown Clients

Update: Appears if I reboot the endpoint it sees the host name. Will see if they stick.

Another thing I noticed that while firmware 3.X.X accepted Underscores _ in Host names for static IP, 4.x.x doesn’t

Still having issues with my client list showing unknown clients on my Flint under firmware 4.x.x
Currently running 4.0.1 beta 2 15/7/2022

Have a number of static leases but on the client list they show up as unknown.

Have valid static IP links on the system (showing in both Luci and Gl.inet interface)

One thing I have just noticed is that the “unknown” devices dont’ appear on the Active DHCP lease list on the main Luci page.


The dnsmasq will transfer _ to -.

The GL UI on my device is the same as the LuCI display. (? == unknown)

Do you have any other software packages installed or have you modified the configuration associated with them?

We at least someone is is seeing unknowns. Nope. Bog standard and only Samba but Samba was installed post the problem.

Only thing I have done that might be “unusual” is edit the DHCP file and added entries from my Flint 3.1.4 firmware version. All the static IPs are correct however just shown unknowns.

The unknowns seem to be a bit random too. Sometimes they show the correct Hostnames sometime unknown.

Doesnt matter if devices are attached direct to the Flint via wire or wireless or connect via the APs wired or wireless (AX1800 and S1300). In fact sometimes the wired APs shown as unknown…

Quick update, after 24 hours it seems to have “stabilised” and all devices now show proper host names. Perhaps too impatient to wait for some databases to update or something?

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