Unknown devices on AR-150

Just powered up new GL-iNet Ar-150; very impressed so far.
DHCP active devices shows
Mac 00:0e:c6:b1:e6:54 at
Mac 28:56:5a:cd:60:4a at
and, of course, the Macintosh I use to configure the router at

The wifi and root passwords are both strong and long, and those other devices showed up immediately after setting passwords and updating firmware to 2.27 , so I have no reason to think the router was hacked. Any idea what those devices are?

It isn’t show real time. You can try to reboot the device, to check if those unknown devices still exist.

btw, v3.0 firmware has optimized it, it will more real-time. It is available in http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/ar150/testing/

We are developing new feature on Cloud : If a new device access in your Wi-Fi, you will get a email notification.
After you upgrade to firmware v3.0, try Cloud feature Cloud - GL.iNet Docs