Unknown ports open on GL 750

I ran a port scan on router from LAN & noticed below ports are opened.
First 3 I understand are for management and DNS, what are the last 3 (139, 443, 445)?

I disabled DLNA & file sharing but these are still persisting.

22/tcp open ssh
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
83/tcp open mit-ml-dev
139/tcp filtered netbios-ssn
443/tcp open https
445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds

443 is https access to the UI.

139 and 445 is for file sharing. How did you turn off file sharing? The process should still run on the router.

By disabling it in the applications on main page… disabled DLNA and file sharing, I thought it would have.

What about 83 ?

83 port was used in old firmware to access the router from wan side if you enable but this was abandoned very long time ago.

Which firmware is this

3.203-0701 in AR750S
I made a restore config from backup after upgrade firmware, that’s why is still there.

Is it the same function port that Ronniej is talking about?

Thanks guys.
I’m running version 3.203, quite latest.

I tested from LAN side again and didn’t see it, not sure where it’s gone now.

I’ll setup a vulnerability scanner to do regular checkup on all my devices to lookout for any security loopholes.