Unloaded "ter-traffic" module. System load average improved

TLDR; My system load reduced to 0.00 0.04 0.36 from 1.37 1.09 1.08, after I issued rmmod ter-traffic. Now, I need to know what is the function of this module (ter-traffic.ko )?

This post has reference to my previous post: Can I disable gl_monitor, gl_health? - #26

From /etc/rc.d/S99gl_tertf, I noticed that it loads a module after boot, named ter-traffic which had D (Uninterruptible sleep, usually IO) process state in the top output. I searched through GL-inet repository but couldn’t gather much info except the .ipk file. I unloaded the module and the system load decreased.

root@MrGhosh:/# uptime
01:26:37 up 15:18,  load average: 0.00, 0.04, 0.36

I’m reluctant to chime in bc of the harsh comments in other thread but I have also noticed higher load averages in recent test builds.

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Thank you @manderss99 for confirming the load issue. Lets see what the developers say about the module. I have no idea about the impact it will have after removing.

And about the harsh comments, this forum was not like this always. Last time I posted months ago, it was more acceptable towards new users. “talking in 3rd person”, “calling other people inexperienced” doesn’t build a healthy community. Everybody has to start somewhere.

It is a traffic statistics module for each client.

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Thanks for this.

So, a solution is to disable this by default and then enable if needed.


The problem with some new and/experienced users is that they want spoon-feeding without bothering to try and search the forum for answers first!
Otherwise almost everyone is extremely helpful and polite.

I like this feature and happy to spend 1% of CPU resources on it

load average has no relationship with CPU utilization. The process is stuck in ‘uninterruptible sleep’ state. ie., it is in the middle of a system call which lasts forever, as far as I have understood. I am no kernel developer and I don’t have much knowledge about this but I have seen other firmwares reporting traffic statistics and they don’t cause 1.0 load.

I think, GL-inet should load the module only if users enable traffic statistics from the admin panel as Alzhao suggested. Thus it will work for everybody.

… yeah.

You should really do more homework.