Unofficial Speedify Installer for OpenWrt (experimental)

LuCI app, does not require flashing the firmware, use the stock GL.iNet:
Unofficial-Speedify-Installer-For-OpenWrt: Install & configure Speedify using LuCI (

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This is a great plugin and it works smoothly. Have you thought about adding the option to do custom bypasses for certain IPs/ports similar to smoothwan?

Yes among other features, the current package already includes that by using Speedify instead of the OpenWrt packages (vpnbypass etc)
A configurator may be added with device profile for automatically altering the ethernet ports from LAN to WAN etc.
This may be merged to SmoothWAN in the future, with flashable firmware only for PC and Raspberry-Pi/SBCs, while a package can be installed on Software menu on GL.iNet.
Tailscale, adblocking and other will have to be removed.
Though Speedify is working on a router now apparently, and official OpenWrt support, not sure if it will have network automation features for non-advanced users.