Unreachable tor server w/ onion address hosted on AR750sEXT wifi to xfinity router, not on wired client list

Anyone have experience hosting a tor server behind the travel router connected to a xfinity home router? The tor address is unreachable after I moved the device to the travel router.

I’ve also noticed that two of three wired clients (not just the tor server) are not listed in the clients list. The one that shows up is a wired credit card machine. One of the unlisted is a receipt printer that I can print to as I hardcoded the IP address so I knew it was The other is the tor server which is dhcp.

I updated the router this morning too and no change.

Actually cannot understand what is the other two client. Can you post the screenshot? As it is not your device just post the full info including mac addresses etc.

Never host a tor node.

See attached image.
I have to use a tor onion site - it’s where the app is hosted on our network.

ah, you mean wired devices are not listed in the client list, right?

Maybe you used static?

Yes, assigned a static IP to a receipt printer

Static assigned IP may break the client list.

You can try assigning DHCP static IP address leases to client devices by MAC address.

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