Unstable GL-AR750 - V2.7.1, loses connection all the time


I have the following issues with AR750 since the last update 2.7.1

1- When connecting to a VPN, I lose the wireless connection between my PC and router and I have to reconnect again

2- I’m connecting my router to the main network by cloning my PC MAC address to the router, otherwise, the connection is limited by the main firewall. After the update, randomly, I lose the connection to the internet, and I have to log in to the router, reclone my PC MAC address to the router, so the internet works again.

I have also USB150, Mifi, MT300N, AR300M and AR750 is the most unstable device I have ever tried so far.

I would appreciate if you can help on that.

Does this only happen when using openvpn?

No, even with PPTP and L2TP

L2TP will restart network, I think it’s normal.

It is such a common problem that a GL-AR750-V2.7.1 user has definitely suffered due to this problem already. It provides a very unstable connection, sometimes the connection may be lost as well. You may have a look at Gmail customer service that surely beneficial for you.

Actually I tested yesterday with openvpn and repeater. I don’t have the connection loss problem.

AR750 has a new firmware which fix some problems in wifi, but not related to openvpn.

Can you try v2.272-rc1 which can be downloaded from


Looks like 2.272 is gold, but I cannot find the release notes - are there any? If so, would someone kindly point me to where I can find them?

I can only find up to 2.27 here:


2.272 will be released in a few days. It fixed some problem in 5G WiFi driver.

It has been released. It fixed 2.4G wireless driver, not 5G wireless driver.

Do we need to update from the 2.272 release candidate, or are there no changes between the rc and the official release?

Not difference between rc and release.

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Probably just a stability fix, I went ahead and installed since 2.271 was occasionally freezing up. So far the update has been uneventful, no freezes or crashes - seems very stable (WISP connection).

I found 2.63 much better than 2.72 (which so-unstable I cannot use)

FWIW, I’ve had weekend-long uptimes with 2.7.2 (my use-case is redistributing hotel wired/WiFi to my devices during stays) that have spanned several GBs.

I am also on 2.7.2 and the device will not hold a connection to the WIFI as a Client.
I am going to reach out to support, as the connection barley lasts 90 minutes. The only fix is resetting the unit at this point. I use the unit with a WPA2-EAP environment, which is probably very unique, however we purchased it for this purpose.
I did review the syslog and kernel log, but they are not as helpful as I had hoped.
Other then the stability issue I really like the product.

We add EAP to firmware 3.0. This is working on AR750S now. We will upgrade all firmware to 3.0 later.