Unstable internet on gl-mt300n-v2 Mango

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else have unstable internet on their router?

I explain : my Mango is connected to my internet provider router by ethernet cable and I tried to connect my computer by cable and wifi to the Mango.

At first, it seems that everything works well, I can surf the internet and watch videos. But I noticed the problem when on video calls : every 15-25 seconds, the connexion is dropping for about 1 or 2 seconds.

I tested it to confirm by doing ping resquest every second and indeed it’s good most of the time (100ms ping, normal for my connexion) but every 15-25 seconds I get a ping of 1500-2000ms…

I checked with mutiple devices and I get the same results.
There is no difference if the mango is connected to a WireGuard client or not.
I also checked if I connect my computer directly to my internet provider router and I don’t have the problem.

Did anyone also noticed this behavior? What do you think the problem could be?
I am using the last software version available on the Mango : 3.216.

Thanks for your answers.
Have a good day!

Interesting. Can you ‘ssh into’ your Mango & observe what’s happening to the running processes via htop? Given the apparent periodic based nature you’ve observed I’m wondering if there isn’t something taking a little more time than it should in executing, perhaps blocking/bottlenecking something else.

This is speculation of course.

(opkg update && opkg install htop)

Thanks for your answer.

You might be right about some process taking to much time.
I ran the commands and here is a screenshot :

It seems like the processor is running at 100% sometimes and it could be the problem but I can’t tell which process is causing that…

You’d really have to watch the output of htop to try & get of sense of what’s taking the most CPU cycles. In the meantime, try killing gltertf. I’ve noticed it seems to choke the CPU of my Certa (f/w 3.216) a touch more than I’d like. You’ll lose the ability to see client-specific stats related to connected client devices within the GL GUI but rebooting the Mango will return it right back to normal. IIRC:

ps -w | grep gltertf && kill $(pgrep gltertf) && ps -w | grep gltertf

will do it.

(mwan3rtmon is another one if you’re not using failover.)

This isn’t a permanent change so it should be a good way to safely test the hypothesis.

Apologies; I must have missed that until now. You can ‘SortBy’ via [F6] → PERCENT_CPU in htop. Then check the CPU% column.

As you suggested, I tried to kill the gltertf process.
It seems like the processor is not running at more than 50% anymore.
I also sorted the CPU column in htop but I don’t see anything using more than 3-4% of the CPU.

Unfortunatly, I still have the same internet stability problem. Might not be related to a CPU overload after all.

Thanks for your help :wink:

You may be right. My Certa has similar specs to your Mango, just the addition of a 802.11ac radio as the key difference, so I that’s what I was basing my advice upon.

There was a 4.3.2 beta1 firmware released 2023-06-04 05:48:35 (UTC-03:00). I wonder if that would alleviate the problem before declaring it a hardware fault?

I did the update with a full reset of the settings and it seems better ! I only have some spikes to 300ms now. Not perfect but definitely usable !

Thank you for your help and have a good day :+1:

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