Update GL AR750s OpenWRT firmware from 18.06 to 19.07

Hey guys,
Im wanting to update my open WRT firmware.
Ive been on open wrt, found the tech data page

It says latest version for firmware upgrade URL is 19.07

this file

But when I update I’m getting

“The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform”

Im struggling to find answers.
Im semi new to open wrt.
Ive been reading somewhere that its not always best to update to latest firmware? But I’m confused if open wrt specifies that latest version specifically for the 750s?

If I’m not meant to upgrade I wont.
But id love to know why, if this is the case?


Hang fire for the real 19.07 from GLiNet developers - due out shortly with all the GUI goodies through Luci as well. Can’t wait, hopefully not too much longer now !!

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Awesome, where can I read more about it ? Did they gave us any ETA ?
That’s a very good news !

ETA is sometime this month :slight_smile:


Hope there will not be as many issues as there has been with 3.105, was going to upgrade but after reading some of the posts decided to stay on 3.104 which has been/is working fine.

Looking forward to the upgrade, because its own openwrt is terrible. I need available vpn subscribable software.

I personally will wait for an official Gl.Inet update, but if you now have an interest to make your own experience with an update at your own risk you can ask this good man there:)

Cheers for the replies guys.
Even just being in open wrt is a growth curve for me.
And I’m enjoying it, but installing my own BIN file…ill leave it for now :slight_smile:

I assume when the update is avail we’ll be notified?