Update NTP setting: Mexico no longer observes daylight saving time


Some timezones for Mexico report the wrong time. This since the "daylight savings time" was "abolished" a while back.

"Most of Mexico no longer observes daylight saving time (DST; Spanish: horario de verano ) as it was abolished on Sunday, 30 October 2022"

Daylight saving time in Mexico - Wikipedia

Right now, they report an extra hour more than they should.

Seems that changing the timezone with the GL UI and with Luci produce two different results.
Setting the timezone to Mexico City in http://console.gl-inet.com/cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/system and then selecting "Save & Apply" produces the correct result.
Setting the timezone GL's http://console.gl-inet.com/#/timezone and then selecting "Apply" is what gives the extra hour. The timezone change is reflected in the Luci UI but the time is wrong

For instance:
Mexico City is now "Central Standard Time" (CST) but is reporting as "Central Daylight Time" (CDT).

Same would be for all a for all other Mexican cities in the timezone list. "Daylight Saving Time" doesn't not apply anymore.

Seems that some are reporting right. The ones I find do incorrectly are:

America/Mexico City
America/Ojinaga #Looks like this one is an exception and should be DST

I guess this affects users when restoring to default settings if they don't know where to look for

While you are at it. Would be nice if all Mexican cities were grouped as America/Mexico/[City Name] as you have for America/Argentina/[City Name]



Thanks for your feedback. I will import this issue and evaluate it.

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