Updated list of router which support "Monitor Mode"

Hi Guys,
A few years ago @alzhao posted a reply to someone asking for a list of routers which supported Monitor Mode:

Here is the list:


Not supported

Would it be possible to get an updated list? I know that Flint, for example, has moved from using propriatory wifi drivers to OpenWrt ones which may (or may not) enable Monitor Mode.

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Didn’t test yet but I guess these models support monitor mode

AX1800 (4.x firmware)

Many thanks for the quick reply!
I’ll have a crack at installing some Plug-Ins on my Slate AX tonight. More later…

Hey! Did you end up testing monitor mode on the slate ax? Would love to know if this is supported, want an upgrade from my little AR300 for wireless pen testing.

Update for anyone interested — ended up just buying a Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) to test it myself and monitor mode and the entire suite of aircrack-ng programs seems to be working well.

For anyone wants to try this, these are the shell commands I used:

opkg update install
opkg install airmon-ng
opkg install aircrack-ng
airmon-ng check kill

you’ll see a list of the device’s interfaces that can be used, for the AXT1800 these are wlan0 for the 5GHz radio and wlan1 for the 2.4 GHz radio. Once put in monitor mode any connected devices will disconnect so make sure to chose the interface you’re not connected to. I’m using the 2.4 GHz radio in this example.

airmon-ng start wlan1
airodump-ng wlan1mon

you’ll see a list of all the MAC addresses of the access points in range of your router and their network info, and below that a list of the “stations” or devices connected to them. If you want to save this info and only monitor one specific access point, add -w and —bssid with the bssid of the AP you want to monitor.

Hope this helps.


You beat me to it! Sorry for not replying sooner but work has got in the way. I confirm all of the above! It was really easy to set up and use. I may look at adding additional storage for the dumps.

I did this exact same thing. If anyone is wondering, you can add external storage to extroot (how I have it on the AR300) and write your files to the root directory if you’ll be leaving the external storage connected to the router at all times, or keep your storage device portable and add the file directory location to write to in the command after -w and before the file name, ie:

airodump-ng -w /tmp/mountd/disk1_part1/DUMP1 -c 1 wlan1mon

In that example, I’m monitoring channel 1 on the AXT1800’s 2.4 GHz radio and writing the captured data files, named DUMP1, to a connected USB device called disk1_part1.
I did not need to modify or install any packages in order to mount the drive, it was automatically mounted to /tmp/mountd when I connected it. To find out where your device is mounted, use the commands:

opkg install block-mount
block info

this will display all storage devices and their mount locations. You might not need to install block-mount, can’t remember if that comes pre installed or not.

I have a AX1800 here and I’m having some issues with getting packets in in monitor mode. Instructions have been followed as above.

Firmware is 4.2.1, so up to date.

After installing airmon-ng, I’m asked to get lsusb.

root@GL-AXT1800:~# airmon-ng
Please install lsusb from your distro's package manager.

This is sorted with:
opkg install usbutils

I run
airmon-ng check kill

I start wlan1 (2.4GHz) in monitor mode:

root@GL-AXT1800:~# airmon-ng

PHY     Interface       Driver          Chipset

phy0    wlan0           ath11k          Not pci, usb, or sdio
phy1    wlan1           ath11k          Not pci, usb, or sdio

root@GL-AXT1800:~# airmon-ng start wlan1 1

Found 3 processes that could cause trouble.
Kill them using 'airmon-ng check kill' before putting
the card in monitor mode, they will interfere by changing channels
and sometimes putting the interface back in managed mode

 3644 root      5132 S    /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -n -s -g /var/run/wpa_supplicant/global
 4567 root      1172 S    udhcpc -p /var/run/udhcpc-eth0.pid -s /lib/netifd/dhcp.script -f -t 0 -i eth0 -x hostname:GL-AXT1800
 4701 nobody    1916 S    avahi-daemon: running [GL-AXT1800.local]
30588 root      1240 R    grep wpa_action\|wpa_supplicant\|wpa_cli\|dhclient\|ifplugd\|dhcdbd\|dhcpcd\|udhcpc\|NetworkManager\

PHY     Interface       Driver          Chipset

phy0    wlan0           ath11k          Not pci, usb, or sdio
phy1    wlan1           ath11k          Not pci, usb, or sdio

                (mac80211 monitor mode vif enabled for [phy1]wlan1 on [phy1]wlan1mon)
                (mac80211 station mode vif disabled for [phy1]wlan1)


I start airodump-ng - there are at least 10 APs and lots of clients on channel 1 round here:
airodump-ng --channel 1 wlan1mon

And I get something in airodump-ng, but not what is happening:

Any ideas?

Try installing pciutils as well, from what I remember there are pci based chips in the Slate AX as well as usb ones. Does running besside-ng yield any results?

Off the bat, it looks like at least one of the processes running on the AXT-1800 is getting in the way of airodump reading the information, probably something running on the glinet side. You can see the same 4 processes running before and after running ‘airmon-ng check kill’. Try disabling all add-on features and making sure there aren’t any extra bridge networks in LuCi (often created by the VPN plug ins).

FWIW, I now use an AR750 for pen testing and “borrowing” neighboring WiFi networks when traveling. It’s much smaller and consumes far less power meaning it lasts way longer on my battery packs, and still plenty fast for streaming, even on wireguard.