Updating applications

Noticed on both my Ar750 Slate and my Mt-3000 under the application and plug-in I have over 100 updates available on both router. What is the fastest way to update the plugins without clicking one at a time.

Usually its not recommended to update packages via the plugin or opkg manager.

Often than not alot of these packages are also core packages which can break your router because of transit errors/conflicts with other packages, this can result into boot loops.

When would i recommend it?

Lets say it is only one specific package, then it will likely only update that package and its dependencies.

tbh i rarely make use of it, the times i needed it was when for example busybox was broken and chatty in the log file, or the dnsmasq dhcp server was getting support for nft sets.

But you need to know what you are doing and always back up :+1:

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