Updating mesh firmware - B1300

I have just done a manual update on my B1300 from 3.022 to 3.024.

Master node has upgraded however slave node still shows old version?

Is there a problem/issue, shouldn’t it update automatically?

How do I update the node given I can’t actually connect via web interface now it’s a slave node?

Can’t update with goodcloud as it doesn’t give a local update option.

Can I copy .img file and then ssh and use: “sysupgrade -v /tmp/*.img”

Mesh all seems to work fine, so that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

You can still access the web interface of the slave node to do the upgrade.

The 2.x version used to clearly state the slave IP, this is something they probably need to add back in the mesh menu. You should be able to see the MAC of the subnode in the mesh menu (master node) and then if you go to the clients menu you can find the matching IP.

From that you can access the web interface and update as normal.

It may also be worthwhile using luci to set a DHCP reservation for your slave node so you always know the IP.

Ahh, made the assumption that because it was a slave node I couldn’t access the web interface :frowning:

I can ping it, SSH and scp to it but…

Do I have two problems?

  1. Master not upgrading slave
    2 No web interface on slave

I don’t want to muck around too much with it after the problems getting mesh working. Can I just use SCP to download the .Img file and use sysupgrade via SSH?

As I say mesh is working but I would like same firmware on both nodes easiest way possible.

I don’t believe the master node will update the slave automatically it would need to be manual.

You should be able to access the web interface of the slave, so you may have a firewall issue on the slave.

I would think you probably would be able to upgrade via SSH but I haven’t tried so can’t really say.

Mmm, the slave node was reset and just the mesh button pressed to mesh it. Didn’t do anything to it at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My concern with sysupgrade is it’s a .img file not a .bin file :thinking:


Got some time to play. I SSHed to the slave node, restarted uhttpd and now when I use the browser to point towards the node and I got the Luci interface. That’s one better. Did the 3.025 firmware update via Luci and all went well!

After a reboot now if I got to (slave node), I get the Gl.Inet web interface but it tells me that the password or username is wrong?!? If I got to\cgi-bin\luci I get the Luci interface which I can log into with my standard password and the password also works for SSH and WinSCP sessions.

I do have two nodes running 3.025, mesh running fine!

One step at a time :slight_smile: