Updating to the latest version the wifi stops working

Still using the release 4.5.2 on my Flint 2

I have updated the device with every release but for some reason every time all the devices are kicked off the wifi network and I have to either reset or downgrade back to 4.5.2 (which for some reason is more stable as compared to other releases).

Is anyone else having the same issue, where they are still using the older version of the firmware for Flint 2?

Are you using WPA3?

In that case it might be necessary to „forget“ the Wi-Fi on each device.

Thanks for the reply.
I am using WPA2-PSK (As I have some IOT devices which won't work with WPA3)

Try to upgrade to 4.6 without keeping settings.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I will try it tonight and let you know how it went.


Tried using the 4.5.6 but to no avail. The who modem goes into this reboot cycle and the light keep flashing. I have to physically pull the power plug and then plug it back.

Today I noticed that 4.6.2 is out and I have just installed this new version on my Flint 2 to see if this is stable, so far I had already restarted my modem once. I was trying to setup the VPN client when the modem went to this reboot frenzy.