Upgrade a GL-MT300N-V2 to firmware 4

Hi I have just got the GL-MT300N-V2 and it is working great as a wifi repeater
It updated the firmware to 3.216 but that is dates 2023
It seems from the download site that there is a version 4.3.17 available.

Do I need to do a local update to move to version 4.3.17 ?

Is it worth it ?

Thanks in advance

V4 is missing some features, so have a look at this changelog and decide:


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Interesting but not using any of the features listed
"Auto upgrade" - does that mean you can still do the manual upgrade when a newer version comes along?

The little routers are a bit short of storage memory :slight_smile: but at the price I'm not complaining.

Think I give it try - I can always revert to the previous versions


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Okay - updated it to 4.3.17 using the Uboot process and it all looks good :grinning:

Feel happy now that I can reflash the device using Uboot following the instructions - thank you for whoever did the video.

Now to test it for a bit and see what happens.


A manual upgrade would have worked OK - but at least now you know how Uboot works :rofl: