Upgrade "adblock" package on GL-AR750S


I’m trying to upgrade “adblock” package on GL-AR750S ( firmware 3.104, adblock 3.5.2-1)
opkg update
opkg upgrade

doesnt work. It says that there is no new versions.

And looks like official repo
has “3.5.2-1” as latest version.

Is there way to upgrade adblock to newer version?

It is likely that this package is dependent on the current version of openwrt (19) which gl-inet is still unable to adapt to the gl-ar750s (still stuck on 18).

You may be able to just build the new package yourself for openwrt 18.

Otherwise, your best bet is to pray that gl-inet will get around to updating the gl-ar750s to openwrt 19 one day if you want the new package.

Otherwise, gl-inet may eventually officially release the adguard home software for the gl-ar750s which will have similar features to the adblock package and will not depend on openwrt 19.