Does anyone know how we can update DNSMASQ on GL-MV1000 Brume?

The DNSMASQ version I have on the device is 2.80-14 BUT version 2.80-16.3 is the latest and I am aware fixes some major issues.

According to @alzhao in this thread: Dnsmasq vulnerabilities We are going to have to wait until the 3.201 firmware is released, which is based on OpenWrt 19.07 before we get a safe version of DNSMASQ. Per Alzhoa in January:

Fortunately we are upgrading to 3.201 firmware and hopefully we can fix this this month.

Unfortunately for all of us, we did not get 3.201 in January, and it is still only on the first snapshot beta. At the current rate, it may be MONTHS after the problems with DNSMASQ was reported before all GL iNet routers receive the production ready version of the 3.201 firmware. The current 3.201 beta1 firmware IS NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION and it is only running dnsmasq-full 2.80-16.2, which has known issues.

I feel that NOT supplying us a quick fix that includes DNSMASQ 2.80-16.3 for the current 3.105 firmware is risking the security of every GL iNet router in use. I have manually made the changes recommended to DNSMASQ in the earlier forum post, but this really slows down repeated DNS lookups, and is a manual procedure. We need a real fix NOW!

…looks like in order to keep up with the latest DNSMASQ vulnerabilitie(s) fix causing a delay.