Upgrade from AR150-Opinions?

I’ve been happily using my AR150 for some years now. I would like to upgrade to another glinet product with more features. Not just a question of costs, but practicality and service life. I don’t do a lot of traveling beyond the local coffee shop, but a little more power, a few more bells and whistles would be nice. If anyone can offers any opinions, I’d be grateful. Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!

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I’d wait for the MT3000. Most compelling product they have at the moment, IMO.

The AR750S is a great step up from the AR150. It is very stable, has a lot more RAM and Flash then the AR150, along with 3 Gbit Ethernet ports and dual band WIFI. It is getting 4.X firmware support, but it has now been listed at EOL. Too bad. It could still be a possibility if you can find one on a good close out price.

Both the MT3000 and the A1300 look interesting as possible future routers for me, but I’m going to give the GL iNet engineers at least a year to work out the firmware, and also watch to see which product gets the better support from the OpenWrt community before I buy one. Since my AR750S is still working great, I’m in no rush to replace it.

The technical issues posted on this forum and the size/weight makes the AXT1800 a non-starter for me. The lack of OpenWrt community support rules out the SFT1200.

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A1300 has full OpenWrt support in snapshot, FYI. That said, I’d take the MT3000 given the more modern cores, assuming a relatively clean build can be made in the gl-infra-builder, eventually. Filogic chips are already supported in snapshot, and I would guess the MT7981 is less than a year away from full support.

Bingo. The ipq6000 products are a hot mess.

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I would recommend A1300 atm. If you can wait, maybe see what MT3000 brings.

Given your requirements it think going with the latest, greatest, fastest is problably too large an upgrade for you :slight_smile:

I’d suggest either a Creta or a Slate. You end up with a package that’s realy only a little bit bigger, and a little big heavier and a little bit more power hungry than the AR150 but is much more powerful and supports dual band WiFi. Using these you won’t lost half you bandwidth if you WISP on one band and WiFi on the other.


Slate is EOL already.

It may be EOL, but you can still buy it on Amazon. It is still supported for 2 years, and is the smallest, lightest router with dual band WIFI and Gbit Ethernet that GL iNet sells. If you need something that has solid firmware today, and is well supported by OpenWrt for the future, it is still a great option.

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AR150, AR750S and A1300 are very the same because they all use open source drivers.