Upgrade GL-AR750S from 3.100 to 3.104 port forward rules not displayed

I have a GL-AR750S and I upgraded from 3.100 to 3.104. The Firewall/Port Forwards tab no longer shows my port forwarding rules. The rules are still active and I can edit them via Advanced/luCI but the main web maintenance panel does not think I have any port forwarding rules.

Can anything be done to fix this?

Thanks - Roland

they are two separate ways to configure port forwarding
gl /etc/config/glfw
luci /etc/config/firewall

Thank you for the information but this does not explain why the upgrade caused the rules to no longer be displayed in the standard administration web UI. How can I get them back into the web UI so that I can use the standard administration to manage port forwarding rules?

Also, I would consider this a bug. All other settings from 3.100 are available in the standard administration, it is only the port forwarding rules which got lost during the upgrade. Lost meaning not displayed but still active and accessible via the luCI interface.

hi, please try to find your forwarding rule in the /etc/config/firewall configuration file, add option gl ‘1’.

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Thank you, I edited /etc/config/firewall, added:

option gl ‘1’

to every port forwarding rule and now they display again in the admin UI.

Thank you for the help!


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