Upgraded B1300 to beta firmware now PIA won't connect

So, I was only getting 3Mbps dl on the stock firmware. Support suggested I try the beta. Flash the beta firmware on my B1300 this morning, everything seems to be working. Go to put the PIA VPN client .ovpn file, double and triple check my login info etc., nothing. Try different servers, nothing. So I try to revert the B1300 to the stable firmware, won’t take. So I seem to be stuck on beta firmware with no access to PIA, completely negating the reason to buy this hardware in the first place.

Nothing in what respect? Log?
Did you type in your credentials or cut and paste them?

For now I have managed to revert to 2.272. Turns out the problem there was I had the wrong file.
I typed and checked my credentials. Now that I have reverted to 2.272 I have no problem and am reconnected to the PIA server of my choice no problem.
What I couldn’t figure out is where to see the log for the beta trying to login on OpenVPN. a nice feature of 2.272 is you can see the log as it’s working. If you know where I can grab the log, I will gladly give it a go again. I’m back down to 3 Mbps and definitely want to fix that, if I can.

Could you please send the log to here when you run OpenVPN in v3.0 firmware? You can find it in Luci → Status → System Log.

Currently, there is nothing in the log past when I reinstalled 2.272. When I try again, if the problem persists I will get the log and post, now that I know how to do it. I may not have time until the weekend however.