Uplink Speed Low


I just set up the Sptiz x3000. The download speed is acceptable 200-300. But the uplink is only 30-40. Are there some ways to get higher uplink speed?

If you test any other 5G device what upload speeds do you get? If much higher than the Spitz then I would investigate it on the modem.

Other device 5g gateway could get 300/80. Now the x3000 stays at 150-200/40. BTW, I can disable IPV6 on other device to use the work vpn. Is there method to disable ipv6?

Sorry for the troubles.

Confusing! Are you talking about the modem's speed slowness or disabling IPv6 or VPN?

Anyway, to disable IPv6 for particular interface (e.g. the WAN), login into LuCi as per the screenshot below and uncheck the Enable IPv6 box:

Sorry for confusing.

I have two issues. One is for the speed slowness. Another is my work vpn can not be used when ipv6 is enabled.

Thanks! I will try to diable the ipv6 first.

Can you compare the band obtained by the X3000 and other 5G devices?

Take a look at these two commands



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I put four images. Because I just have this new account, the system asks to send only one image one time.

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Are the last two pictures of your other 5G devices?

Can I see more information about this AT instruction? This command requires a card insertion


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Yes, the last two images are the other 5g devices.

This device can go up to 300/80?

Can you do the same on the X3000?
thank you

Try this on the X3000?
Running down speed

Current 5g wifi. But 2.4 can have better performance down40/ up30. I will reboot and try again. If I connect the LAN to another router with new wifi. The new wifi also have lower speed like 5g wifi.

Hi WhoAM, I'm on business trip in US, I will try to reproduce your question and do a comparison test, I need more information about your test.

  1. do you use T-mobile sim card?
  2. can you tell your other 5G device Brand and model?
  3. can you follow the pictures below to check our device signal?
  4. can you tell your test location ?

Hi WhoAM @WhoAM , I did speed ​​comparison test using different software versions today, it shows the RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G version will not only not reduce the speed, but also increase the speed of the network, please refer to my result: Use different software versions to do speed comparison test.xlsx - Google Sheets