Upload performance very limited on USB tether on GL-750S

Hello, I setup my GL-750S router last night. I am wondering how I can improve my upload speed from 5-10meg more when USB tethering to match more closely what I am seeing on the phone locally? I will see 10-15 up on the phone but only 5 on the USB tether. I updated the router to the latest firmware and followed these instructions to load Easytether below in the link. My provider is Visible (A Verizon MVNO) which rides on Verizon obviously. I have the ttl set to 65 for Pre and Post routing and on 5G wifi I am getting 45-60 Meg down on 4g but on upload when the phone gets 10-15 Meg upload on the phone I only see about 5 or less on the USB connected router via wifi close to the device. The upload is capping at about 5 megs from the router 2.4 and 5 wifi when usb tethering. This is true for both the native tethering and Easytether. Why am I losing 5-10 Meg on the upload using USB tether on this router and how do I fix it? I Imagine I need another tweek or setting I am missing. Thanks for your insight.
These are the instructions I followed and I got the general AR71XX ipk with latest.

Have you tried using wifi repeater/hotspot instead of USB?

I prefer that method on my GL-AR750S.

USB performs better while charging the phone even at close distance and tweaking the channels. I am just wondering why and how to fix USB losing about 5MB download and 5-10MB of the download speed seen locally on the device. I see about 50-60 down and 8-16 up on the phone. I am especially baffled why I lose more bandwidth on the lower upload speed. What is causing this overhead or loss in performance in both native USB tether and Easytether?

Part of the reason that I suggested to try using wifi repeater instead of USB is just to test and try to isolate the problem for troubleshooting.

If you get the same problem, then it seems to be fundamental in the GL-AR750s.

If you do not get the problem, then it may be related specifically to processing data through USB and EasyTether.

I connected my 4G smartphone as a hotspot to my GL-AR750S as a wifi repeater, over the 5GHz band.

I got 18-19 Mbps download and 9-10 Mbps upload. In comparison, the smartphone by itself got 20-22 Mbps download and 16-18 Mbps upload.

It seems upload speeds are reduced more than download speeds, but not down to only 5 Mbps.