Upnp Ar750 failure/MT300N Upnp OK


I purchased 3 routers. 2 MT300N and 1 Ar750.

Upnp is not working for the AR750.

Both MT300N Upnp feature is working perfectly. Tests are performed on the same network and same setup.

Captures are uploaded.

How can I fix this?

I confirm this is a bug in v2.27. forgot to patch upnpc, and it cannot determine status of the parent router.

Can you check if upnp actually worked?

I checked and it is not working. Upnp not working.

Can this be fixed? I will like to purchased 3 ar750 devices, but not sure about this bug.

Please download the zip file. Unzip it.

Then upload upnpc to the router /usr/bin

You can use scp in Linux or winscp in Windows to do this. Please check SSH to the router - GL.iNet Docs

The following file is patched upnpc for AR150, AR300M, GL-MiFi, AR750 firmware V2.27 only.
upnpc_lede_ar71xx.zip (8.2 KB)

thanks, I will do it.

Procedure done, issue resolved