Upnp does not works on Beryl AX

I installed luci upnp package successfully, enabled upnp and it does not works. Tested on 4.2.0 and 4.2.1.

My old slate with 3.215 upnp works fine.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in version 4.1.3 either. I think I will return the router as I really need this functionality.

Pretty sure it is issue with openwrt and not the router but it should have been fixed in September
luci-app-upnp appears incompatible with OpenWrt 22.03 · Issue #5959 · openwrt/luci · GitHub.

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Well I tested upnp with other routers on Openwrt 22 version, it works. I’m kinda was disappointed with GL-MT3000…

Anyone? Is there a 3.216 FW for Beryl AX?

I have the same issue. I need upnp and can’t find a way to works on Beryl AX. Algo didn’t find the openwrt firmware (clean) to Beryl, since eI know in the pure openwrt upnp works.
Any help is appreciated

I tried everything. No luck. =(

What library is installed?
Be default the libminiupnpc is installed.
May need libupnp, libupnpp or libnpupnp

I installed the package: luci-app-upnp and then all others dependent are installed. It has no errors but upnp does not works.

So that installs the Upnp lightweight library libminiupnp, you may need the full library libupno or libnpupnp