[URGENT]: Unable to Access Router IP for GL-AR150

Hello All,
I just purchased the GL-AR150 mini router and try unsuccessfully to access and setup the router through the IP address.
I have connected the device to my PC through both WiFi and PC but the setup page is not loading and hence I am unable to setup the desired connection I want using the router as a repeater.
I am using a Win 7 Professional on a Intel Corei7 laptop. I have used Firefox, IE and Safari without any success.
I will appreciate advice and suggestions to fix this issue from anyone that experienced such and resolved successfully.
Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

@akhnayo Reset by pushing the external reset button for about 10 seconds?

Thank you for the advice.
I did the long reset several times but still didn’t work.


You can see the wifi and attach?

What happens if you go to a command prompt and type;



Yes. I can see the SSID and connected.
The Ethernet cable for the LAN is also connecting but the router IP is not loading. It shows the standard “no connection available”.
I will try the IP config now. Should I do it through LAN connection or WiFi?


Use WiFi,

Then from ipconfig/all you should see something like this.

This shows that it’s picking up a DHCP address from the GL-AR150 in the 192.169.8.X (in this case range and that it’s pointing towards the AR150 (

The ping will see if it sees the device and it’s maybe the web interface that’s at fault.

Sorry, just trying to diagnose logically :slight_smile:

That is the ping result. Any advice?
Thank you for your assistance but I also confused because I am unclear and wondering why it is not just working.

Mmmm, that’s not good.

“General failure” is not what should be returned at all.

A quick google seems to indicate either an issue with your TCPIP stack or a program that’s doing something weird and blocking access; a firewall or VPN or something :frowning:

So it appears the issue is with your PC, not the AR150

Have you got a mobile phone or something you can use to test with? If that connects then this will confirm it’s something specific with your PC…

You are correct. It appears that issue is with my PC as I was able to access the router IP with my mobile phone on iOS platform.
I will follow the instructions in the fix link you shared and update on the outcome.
Once again, thank you for the support and sharing your advice.