URL security?

Hello guys !

If i understand correctly, with AstroRelay i can create an URL to access a service running on the local network created by a remote GL router.

It seems great (i’ve watched the video).
I’ve discovered that you can limit access to this URL by using an IP whitelist (or blacklist).
But that requires a fixed source IP, that not everyone have.

Also, by letting the URL public without limit, it could be discovered by bots/scanners, which may waste GB of data. As GB are not free, it’s a real issue.

It would be cool, for HTTP services, to have a login page before accessing the real HTTP service.
For other types of services, i don’t know.


The feature of login page for http service is in our plan and still under development, it need some time to develop and test.

Ok great !!!

Anyway there is another simple solution:

  • disable all links, and enable them when required :slight_smile:

Ty !!