Usage statistics on Puli?

Puli travel router, bot connected to 4G and hotel wifi.
Hotel wifi not that stable.

  1. It would be very useful to be able to keep track on how much 4G data I have already used (in the past month).
  2. And whether data was used using hotel wifi of 4G.

Is this possibvle? I can’s seem to find the settings in the web client. Maybe using an add-on? Is seems to be basic functionality?

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In our new firmware we will have cumulated data statistics.

If you connect wifi repeater, it will always use wifi repeater. You can check if your 4G usage data is increasing.

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thank you. when and where can I get the new firmware?

Maybe next month. Too many bugs now.

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Obviously API or SNMP would be very useful. Also on the other models. API would be best.