USB attached SMB mounting slow

Is there something that can be done to fix the slow mounting time for my attached USB (SMB) drive? I consistently takes 15-20 seconds to load.

Update: DLNA seems to connect instantly - this appears to be just SMB.

My device is the Brume 2 (GL-MT2500).

The Beyrl AX features the same SOC/CPU but less RAM than the Burme 2. This thread might give you some insights but yeah, I heavily suspect it’s Samba/SMB related. IIRC it’s a single threaded process/program.

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I have no experience with WebDav, but it also connected without any delay. Perhaps that can serve as a substitute. Not sure of it’s limitations or compatibility.

I’ve only ever used it as the backend for the Nextcloud desktop client to sync. It didn’t strike me as too slow but it’s still not as fast as straight, unencrypted, plain old ftp.

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Have a good one.

Well, the slowness in loading is back. Once it loads, it is pretty responsive.

Once I figure out how to add WebDav to Kodi I will be good.

I speculate but it’s probably related to SMB having to crawl all the dirs/files to index everything.

Keep good notes when you set up WebDav; I’d enjoy adding yours to the collection:

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What client device/operating system are you using to connect over SMB?

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Android phone and TV.

On my Android smartphones and tablets, I also experience slow SMB mounting (15-25 seconds) each time I open the Android Solid Explorer app for SMB2 access. If I use the Samsung Files app on Samsung devices, the SMB mounting is fast.

Strangely, the Solid Explorer app on my Chromebooks is fast. The Apple Files app on an iPad is also fast.

Smart TV’s usually use DLNA to access media over the network and it is fast on all my LG TV’s.

Can anything be done to fix this issue with SMB initialization speed? I don’t have this problem when connecting the same USB device to other routers.

Additional note: I have the exact same experience with my Linux Mint laptop connecting at around 22 seconds. Connecting via Windows is marginally faster.

Also, doesn’t make any difference if it is a 1TB HDD or a small flash drive.

This problem seems to have gone away for now. I would be interested in knowing if some other setting I may have changed affected this slowness, and if anyone else has encountered this issue. @wcs2228 are you still experiencing it?

For now I am marking this as resolved.

On my Android smartphone, I switch to using WebDAV and connection is instant for Solid Explorer.

Android does not have native SMB client function, which is built into the apps, so it may depend on how SMB is optimized on an app,

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This problem has returned. Would someone from GL-iNet address this issue?