USB Camera Remote Connection

Hi. Is there a way to connect to the USB Camera stream (port 8080) remotely while double NATed?
My use case is when I’m at a hotel, I would like to connect the camera to the gl.iNet router to maybe see that the kids are ok, etc.
Since I can’t port forward on the hotel router, it eliminates the many methods of achieving this (VPN, Site to site on Goodcloud, etc.)
It would be great to have a “Camera” page on the web portal once the plug-in is installed. That way, I could access via GoodCloud without site to site. That may be asking for too much though.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

This is one of the perfect use cases for AstroRelay:

It will let you bypass any restrictions on ports with zero firewall/nat configuration.

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This is amazing! Thank you very much. So easy to configure. I actually have another use case this would work perfectly for as well. Thanks again!

Spoke too soon. 1gb of data was used up very fast.

Hi, you can try ZeroTier, this makes a virtual network that you can access from everywhere. I am in a country that does not allow public IP and I am behind I do not know how many NATs, and ZeroTier allows me to access devices in other countries from here without problems. And be visible from other countries without problems either. There is a free option for 50 devices and permanent.
There is enough information on the internet to configure OpenWRT routers with ZeroTier. I did myself and I’m not an expert.