USB dongle aka Cell modems - is support available for many on AR150?

Now in my dream-world I can download any number of packages that support any one of a list of world-wide USB dongle style cellular data modems but since this is reality, I am not finding that to be true. The Luci on this box that just arrived in my mail - I now find comes with choices of only 2 Chinese cell providers. Is there a way to add support for other carriers and other USB modems? If so, is there a list of supported devices and carriers? It would be nice to use this device on multiple country visits.

If possible, pls find the apn etc. of your ISP and configure in advanced settings or Luci.

Generally, you need to specify the modem serial device, service type and apn.

Modem device can be ttyUSB2, but some modem also use other ports.

The current modem is Sierra Wireless 313u, and the carrier AT&T which I have the APN data for.

I receive this error when selecting the

Interfaces - WAN
On this page you can configure the network interfaces. You can bridge several interfaces by ticking the “bridge interfaces” field and enter the names of several network interfaces separated by spaces. You can also use VLAN notation INTERFACE.VLANNR (e.g.: eth0.1).
Common Configuration

General Setup
Advanced Settings
Firewall Settings


3g-wan RX: 0.00 B (0 Pkts.)
TX: 0.00 B (0 Pkts.)
Missing protocol extension for proto “3g”
cannot open /usr/lib/lua/luci/model/cbi/admin_network/proto_3g.lua: No such file or directory ork/proto_3g.lua: No such file or directory

Here are some info I got from the Internet. I am not sure if this works.

There are three set, you can try using the last one first. Just input the apn and choose service type.

BTW, do you see the device as ttyUSB?

isp_name : “AT&T”,

dial_num : “*99#”,

apn : “broadband”,

username : “WAP@CINGULAR.COM”,

password : “CINGULAR1”


isp_name : “AT&T”,

dial_num : “99**1#”,

apn : “isp.cingular”,

apn: wap.cingular or pta


From experimenting over the past hours I believe the way this works …

I have switched back to the simple overlay interface (not using advanced Luci redirect at the top to take me to Luci). With this stock elementary interface, China Mainland and Hong Kong are the two providers available under the general 3G heading, with no option to enter anything else. It appears that if the modem is supported (and you aren’t in China) you can click in the “advanced settings” inside the 3G box and you get another list of input fields. I am guessing if the AR150 knows the language your device is speaking, then what appears in the “Modem Device” list is 3 entries /dev/ttyUSB0,1, and 2), otherwise if this is blank there is no way the modem will work at all.

I have now tested the AT&T issued Siera 312U that is supposed to be unlocked, a ZTE T-Mobile rocket 3 known to be unlocked and a Telcel (Mexico) Huywei E303 that is locked. I don’t have a Tmovile SIM to put in the ZTE but I put my AT&T SIMM in the ZTE (gives 2G as expected) and got this configuration working, but I would like to use all these USB sticks as I travel and more down the line. The Siera 312U by AT&T and the Huywe by Telcel (Mexico) of the 3 I have in my test pool are not recognized to even produce any delectable entries in the “Modem Device” list; this is the issue.

The unlocked ZTE by TMobile will give 2G service with AT&T configuration:

Modem Device /dev/ttyUSB2
Service Type UMTS/GPRS (W-CDMA)
APN wap.cingular
Password CINGULAR1

Still the issue is that only this ZTE modem of my three test devices (today and more tomorrow as I go on an extended multi-country trip) don’t seem to be recognized to the point that any APN data can be entered into these fields.

In here: , there is a list of modems supported by ROOter, which is a openwrt based firmware for 4G modems. It has a record of Sierra 312U, which can be supported as 3G, but not 4G LTE.

You can use a modem that is fully supported for 4G LTE.

ROOter has support for GL.iNet6416, but not GL-AR150. I will contact them to see if they can support GL-AR150.


I have petitioned the forum for the group Ofmodemsandmen at to add the AR-150 to their supported devices list.