USB power delivery into Beryl?

Hi all,
Before I pull the trigger on it, I would like to know if the new Beryl travel router can be powered by a USB-PD power adapter, say the Anker nano. The stock power supply is kinda chunky for travel and the cable seems not removable. Or if anyone knows of a 5V3A adapter that’s small?

I just tried to power up Beryl with PD adapter and it’s working, just make sure your PD adapter has 5V/3A mode provided or so.

Thanks for letting me know. I just found a 3A adapter for Raspberry Pi on Amazon, I’ll try that one first.

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MT1300 does work on PD power adapter.

I just bought a PD power adapter, which has 3 TypeC and 1 Type A output. I use it to power multiple devices. The power adapter has a problem. When I plug or unplug a powered device, the voltage fluctuate, causing the router reboot.

The MT1300 works with a PD adapter but doesn’t take advantage of PD because it isn’t charging anything. The multiple outlet PD devices are amazingly small and versatile but they do active management of output to each device, and when a new device is plugged in, they reconfigure to reflect that. As @alzhao says, that causes the router to reboot.

Something like the Nano or, better the Nano II, with only a single port doesn’t have that problem. But then you are still taking two adapters, one for the router and one for charging all the other stuff.

A device doesn’t charge anything doesn’t mean it can’t take advantage of the PD protocol, like HomePod mini requires a certain volt-amp combination over PD or it doesn’t boot. Ask me how I know.
Also my goal isn’t to reduce the number of chargers I bring, but rather every one of my travel devices can be packed in to small hard cases and the stock adapter obviously won’t fit. If someone have a charger current meter maybe he can tell if Beryl does negotiate a wattage, or not and the charger just defaults to 5V.
Anyways thanks for all the info, now I know how to pack my new router (when I get it)…

Apple, ok, yes, fair point. The Beryl is 5v always, needs maybe 1 amp, and the rest is to support what might get plugged in to the USB3 port. Not trying to use 9v 2A.

The stock adapter goes into my kit because it separates and I also have the UK/AU/US/EU parts.