USB real speed for MV1000 Brume (want 4g modem at 200 mbps)

Hi All!

I am very interested in MV1000… I think to have it together with 4G USB modem and want to have ~200mbps. 4G modem gives me this, but I am not sure about USB in MV1000… It is 2.0 and USB in routers is often “restricted” for speed.

Has anyone an experience with USB for MV1000 or other contemporary GL routers? Can they provide such USB speed?

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I have a similar question but for a wifi USB adapter I ordered yesterday (with RTL8811AU).
What are your real transfer speed in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands ?
I often copy large files to my phones from a LAN server and have between 14 MBps (Mikrotik wAP ac) and 24 MBps (ASUS RT-AC68U). I guess I will have way less with my BRUME.