USB & SD connected to AR750S - "GL-Samba" Always Shows Incorrect Sizes!

Happy Labor Day, fellows. Well, I asked and referred this question in the past but never got a satisfactory resolution. Until firmware 3.104, the connected media (USB & SD) have always shown their correct sizes in Windows 10, therefore able to be used with no issue whatsoever. However, starting with firmware 3.105 and now with the latest 3.203, the sizes of these same media are reduced respectively to the same: Free = 89.2 MB; Total = 92.4 MB ! Yes, that’s “MB” while the correct sizes are both: Total = 128 GB (that’s right, GB!) and, under “GL-Samba” folder holding now the shares. Note that GL-Samba folder never showed up in previous firmware 3.104 (at least not automatically) where the shares could be accessed directly in Windows with actual sizes (free and total spaces) identified correctly… So, with this issue now, Windows is unable to perform any task requiring more space on those media due to the annotations of mere 89.2 MB free and 92.4 MB total.

Again, why this problem? And why can’t the media be reached automatically with their real sizes as previously and without being under the GL-Samba" folder?

Doesn’t anyone else see that? Or should one has now to configure a setting from these new firmware to have it reading and showing the true sizes?

Thank you for your deep attention and much appreciated help!

From the numbers you give, seems this is the internal flash size of AR750s. It means that your USB or SD is not mounted correctly. Can you ssh to the router and get the following

ls /dev
ls /mnt

alzhao, thank you for your reply!

Please find here as requested, the results of the ssh into the router of the 4 cmd lines…
Back then, I suspected indeed that the default mount configuration was certainly modified when the 3.105 was compiled, since with the previous firmware no user input was needed to have the media working immediately (plug & play), but only assuring the settings on the “Application/Sharing page” were enabled (LAN - WLAN - Read/Write) etc.

And I believe you are correct that the [same] numbers pulled (Free = 89.2 MB; Total = 92.4 MB) are curiously for the internal flash size of AR750s. I recall once trying to get into Luci and attempt to configure but with no success back then and gave up…

Anyway, hope you could see what’s wrong here and direct me on how to properly mount each of the media manually.


You disk is mounted at /mnt/SD_xc and /mnt/Sams_ng

So you can just choose these mount point in sharing

Right, I understand that but unfortunately it doesn’t fix the issue as I am seeing it to my end. I explain:
First, the GL-AR750S has both a USB and an SD ports. So as of now, in the File Sharing page if I point to /mnt only, I’ll see both the SD & USB shares in Windows (they’re accessible), but with the incorrect sizes as stated previously, therefore Windows can’t use the full availability of the spaces on these media.

Second, if I point to /mnt/Sams_ng (USB), I can only see this share alone, still with the incorrect sizes too, of course. Consequently, I can’t see and access in Windows the SD evidently as I am currently pointing to this individual directory.

Third, needless to say otherwise, pointing to /mnt/SD_xc acts exactly the same as right above.

Now, the correct behavior used to and should be that (keeping in mind here the AR750S has USB & SD accessibility) we should be able to point “only” at /mnt and correctly see “both” media in Windows Explorer at the same time without the need to going back in the GL router interface to select a particular directory according to the needs. In the 3.104 firmware at last, that’s how it worked flawlessly by default and the selector “{/mnt - /mnt/Share.USB - /mnt/Share.SD}” didn’t even show up on the File Sharing page!

Curiously enough, the temporary workaround fix I found is to just create a second subfolder in each share’s folder for “trick” Windows and be able to work with that, even though the sizes remain incorrect…

I wish someone could physically (having AR750S) try and see up close about this issue which again started back with F-3.105.

Finally another concern. I just discovered, when being able to see and to access both media in, if I turn on Tor (as in VPN - tor page) on the router, the visibility and accessibility of the media are also lost and apparently the sole option is to disable it to regain connection! Is there a configuration setting I missed that should be done about it?

Thank you