USB Share X750 no longer working 3.105

Recently upgraded X750 to 3.105.

Can no longer see the drive shares on the network (SD card, or USB).

Share location is available as gl-x750
Folder in share is available as GL-Samba

No files are visible in the GL-Samba folder. The SD card has not been modified since firmware update so I presume the ExFAT format remains correct for this applicaiton.

Any suggestion to restore USB share function? (Other than downgrade?)

Running lsusb -t returns a Segmentation Fault

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Will check and come back asap.

I checked and the USB should be OK. So it should be a problem as you said.

About buying without module, can I send you an email registered in the forum about this?

Thank you for confirming USB share functions in 3.105.

My issue was user error :roll_eyes: