Usb stick file system corruptions


I have now repeatedly seen file system corruptions on an usb stick, both when using ext2 and ext4.

The stick works ok when used for non-demanding tasks, but e.g. when I let amule run for a few hours I can be sure that there will be corruption.

The corruption sometimes makes the stick unusuable, sometimes it is just fsck reporting e.g. “block bitmap differences” or the like.

There also seem to be openwrt-tickets reporting similar problems (e.g.

My questions would be:

  1. What could be the reason for this? Is there anything I can try to distinguish between say a bug in the system or a hardware-problem of the stick (it’s a very cheap chinese one and unfortunately at the moment I only have one at hand so in theory it could be just this one bad stick…)

  2. Is there anything I can do to mitigate this problem (using different files systems etc).

Many thanks!


The problem maybe both openWrt driver or usb disk problem.

Do you mean you use amule in the in the mini router? That could be tough. Any more detail to replicate this issue. For example, how to set up amule in the router and which resource do you try to download.

Yes I use amule on the router.

I installed amule via opkg and configured it to use directories (for Temp and Incoming) on the usb-stick.I then populated the Temp-directory with files from another system.

It works in principle (I have been able to download files) but most of the time it leads to a corrupted file system.

Maybe the problem is that in my Temp-dir I have around 200 files, all of which (I believe) amule is accessing.

So it seems a lot of open files over a long period of time eventually corrupts the file system.

yes. From what you see I can understand it is risky. Even in PC if you use BT all the time it damage your harddisk, especially SSD.