USB Tether speed

Currently I am using the GL-MT300N-V2 that is USB tethered to my iPad. It works incredibly well except that it maxes out at ~ 42Mbps. The iPad on its own is capable 100Mbps or more.

Would upgrading to a higher end router, such as GL-MV1000 (Brume) help with the USB tether speed?

using same router i often see 65-70Mbps with an android smartphone tethered without any vpn.(which is roughly same as my smartphone speed gets

USB tethering speeds seems quite limited. I don’t think it can be faster.

same here. Have around 300Mbps on my iphone 12 pro (5G) and when I use USB-tethering I can get maybe 40Mbps through MT300N-v2 and LAN-cable to laptop.

Really dissatisfied with mt300n

In case anyone was wondering, I ended up getting the GL-MV1000 and the tether speed is maxing out around 80 Mbps now. Big improvement.

Im having trouble getting my MV1000 to tether at all, even with the new firmwares. Any trick to this or should it work out of the box? My 750slate has no problem.