USB tethering and bridging?

I am trying to use my BL-1300 upstream of two SonicWall routers in a failover configuration, with both on the LAN side of the BL, a fiber link on the WAN, and a cellular hotspot tethered to the USB in case the fiber goes down.

How do I set this up to work? Notes:

  • Data should go to the WAN, unless it is down, and then it should fail over to the USB until the WAN is back (no balancing)
  • I can’t get them to take the BL’s DHCP or respond on their WAN ports to the BL. They have a static IP on both WAN and LAN sides, with DHCP inside the LAN handled by Windows Server
  • I would like to avoid double NAT


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The router does failover from WAN to USB tethering by default.

But it has to work in router mode. So double NAT