USB tethering as fallover on GL-ax1800

I have my gl-ax1800 connected to the modem of my internetprovider which works normally great.
Installed WG server and client and ADG .

Today, the WAN itnernet connection got disconnected and i wanted to connect my Android phone as USB tethering device.
I activated usb tethering and my phone got connected.
Then i tried to open a webpage from a client, but nothing happened.
I changed the internet priority but the same, no internet connection through usb tethering.

I connected my desktop PC using a wlan stick and now I can type this message so internet is working through my phone.

How can I get USB (or other) internet connection active using the GL-AX1800. (FW 4.23)

Thank you


Do ax1800 have multiple network exits?

what do you mean ?
GL-AX1800 has four network connections, yes. :thinking:


I resetted the router and i could make a USB tethering connection.
Normally my router is in DMZ of my internet provider’s modem.

When I restored my configuration, WG client, WG server, ADG, I could NOT establish an USB tethering connection as a backup.

It connects but the network can not access the internet. Even when changing network priority.

Is this normal behaviour or is there a solution to use USB tethering as backup?

WG + tethering, you say? This might just be related:

Hello bring.fringe18,

As I said, tethering is working on a resetted device.
On a fully configured device (WG client and server) it does NOT work.
First i thought it was the DOH from ADG but your topic seems the same problem as mine.
Let’s hope Glinet fixes that bug quickly.

Thank you